Every life is precious no matter how small


I fully understand the importance of Breast Milk for Prem babies, on 18/08/95 my son Jake was born at 32 weeks and spent his first 5 weeks in NICU! I thought I was going to lose him, he is now 14 and I am very lucky to have him. My deepest sympathies, my heart goes out to you xox ~  Lee-Ann Goodwin Berkec

Jacki Tate Forsyths story

I too agree about the importance of breast milk for prem bubs, my son was born at 34 weeks with severe hyaline membrane disease or neonatal respiratory distress syndrome, he spent his first 4 weeks in NICU. We thought we were going to lose him several times just when we thought he was going well he would become critical again.He made it through and... See more we got to take him home and at 10weeks old(4 weeks corrected age) he then had heart surgery to close the duct near his heart (patent ductus arteriosus).This was nearly 21 years ago he is now a beautiful healthy 20 year old and going to uni. My breastmilk was so important to his survival throughout his ordeal. I thankyou for your efforts to promote this site and wish you all the best.My heart goes out to you also and remember never give up keep trying!

Kate Kings story of her beautiful little boy Brett fly high beautiful angels!

This is my little boy who sadly grew his wings on the 20th October 2009. He was drinking only a little of my milk before he passed away through a gastrostomy tube. He couldn't swallow due to one of the conditions associated with Charge syndrome, he had his first surgery on his 2nd day. He was diagnosed with having Charge syndrome and was only 17 days old when he passed away, we had to make the heart wrenching decision to stop all intervention. He passed away in our arms. I still had to express milk and thought it was such a waste also, If i was able to give my milk to other babies in much need of it I would have gladly done it. I felt as though my little boy would live on in my milk, if that makes sense

Jennifer Stephensons testimonial of her beautiful daughter xoxoxo

My daughter was diagnosed with Trisomy 13 and passed away 68 minutes after she was born on January 15, 2010. I soon became engorged and wished I could pump and donate my milk to infants who needed it. I had heard of doing it and just could not find a place nearby who could do it. I do wish it was just like a blood bank so babys who need the milk could get it.

Coen's story - by Donna Sard

After seeing first hand how important breast milk is to a premature infant after spending time in NICU with my little munchkin Coen born at 35 weeks I think your vision is wonderful. I was fortunate enough to bring my baby and my frozen milk home when Coen improved, but to think of the amount of milk thrown to waste from mothers who blessed our heavens with angels to watch over us is saddening. I witnessed so many mothers who struggled or for one reason or another could not feed their infants or express. While you sit beside your babies crib and pray tomorrow will bring good news I came to realise that the standards seen in the outside society dont matter on the ward. No one is better than another. Money, clothes and race mean nothing when being a parent comes first and foremost. Having my family 350kms away I found I lent on other mothers for support because they understood. If donating my milk could in someway help one of those mothers and their precious bundles spend 1 more day together I would gladly be apart of it. Knowing the importace of breast milk for babies in general I dont believe any mother would turn down the opportunity to give their child the best if that option was available. I look forward to the day I see you cutting the ribbon opening your milk bank. :)


In Memory of Malachi Raphael-Antionio Lettieri.


This memorial  was created to remember our true miracle Malachi Raphael-Antonio Lettieri who was born at 27 weeks and some days gestation in San Diego, California at the UCSD Medical Center, Hillcrest on January 1st, 2010 at 6:06pm and passed away without warning early morning March 28th, 2010...One day after his "due date." He blessed us beyond words in his short time here.

I have struggled with the words to put. Not only because the pain is so raw and so deep, but because I can't put into words how much Malachi meant to us, what he did for us, how he affected us, how much we love him.

Malachi was our "rainbow" baby; I was determined to get pregnant after losing his brother Matty at 18 weeks gestation. Three months later I was pregnant- I was elated. I didn't let fear strike me, I had faith that God would carry me through my pregnancy...Then my water broke at 17 weeks(near the end on October '09), I was left with about 4cm of fluid that continued to drain from thereafter. No medical professional had anything positive to say; my baby was either going to be born soon after, or be stillborn, born without lungs and die shortly after birth, born with severe deformities and have problems throughout life and that I would surely develop an infection and probably die. The chances of my baby being born alive were pretty much nil; it was recommended many times that I should terminate. I refused to let the fear of man enter my heart, I believed my Lord Jesus Christ would carry me through- my child would be born perfect.

We faced many obstacles, I was on strict bed-rest, I was in and out of the hospital for bleeding, I always ended up going to labor and delivery after my NSTs. At one point he wasn't growing properly and my one supportive Doctor, Lynlee Wolfe, was concerned. I believed that he would measure perfect for the follow up ultrasound and he did. Both Dr.Wolfe and the seasoned X-Ray technician measured several times. I had to tell them not to doubt my miracle baby!
Finally, on December 28, 2009 I agreed to stay admitted in the hospital as the holidays where coming and I knew he was coming soon as I had been having contractions all month. On Christmas day they started coming on strong, I just kept repeating to myself "man does not consider how he FEELS if he BELIEVES," it worked. Once in the hospital I was shuffled between Labor and Delivery and Anti-partum. During this time I had been able to sleep my contractions away- that was until New Years morning.

My labor was intense and quick. I was upset because they made me labor in bed, the doctors didn't believe I was in serious labor so Dr.Wolfe didn't get paged in time for the delivery. My nurse, bless her heart, knew something was up and the fact that I was a 3cm didn't mean that baby wasn't coming soon. 15 minutes from that 3cm I was being told not to push because his head was in my vaginal canal and NO ONE was ready. The doctor finally came in to hold his head there until the peds team came in.

My son was born, he CRIED- his apgars where 5 then 9 at 27w and 6d this is really amazing. He weighed 1150 grams(2lbs8oz) and was 14.79inches, again a hefty weight for his gestation. Malachi, my miracle was here after so much trials he was here putting there odds to shame.
I had to wait several hours to see him and I walked up to the wrong baby in the NICU. When I was directed to my baby I didn't know what to think. I just knew one battle had ended and another just began. I don't remember much of what anyone said about him I just knew that he was perfect.
Malachi had typical preemie issues, but given that he was still one of the healthiest babies in the NICU. He had a grade III brain bleed that resulted in hydrocephalus. I remember when the Doctor told me it may require a shunt and he would have to be watched closely. Again I prayed and told them he would not need one that the Lord would heal him. The Lord did heal him and it did resolve on its own. Malachi was excellent at growing and gaining weight. I was just so blessed to have such a perfect baby given his circumstance.

He stayed in the NICU for 75 days...All in all the most trialing experience I had had up until losing him. Every day was a constant battle for one thing or another. It took a toll on our entire family. Right before what probably would have been our breaking point we where finally able to take him home.

On March 17th, 2010 after staying overnight with him to make sure there would be no issue occurring that would prevent him from coming  home we packed up and headed home.
On the way we picked up his six year-old brother Jimmy, totally surprising him with his little brother in tow. He was elated, I've never seen him grin in such a way; his laughter was uncontrollable.

Malachi continued to thrive while home. He took the bottle less and nursed more, everything was falling into place. My heart was full- our family complete for the time being. After everything we could finally enjoy him, wake up with him, always be the ones to comfort him. He was truly ours.
He slipped away silently early morning March 28th 2010 on his would have been 11th day home.
Malachi, my sweet boy loved to nurse and just hang out at the breast, he loved laying on his daddy's chest. He'd only give up the good burps to dad. He had trucker farts, seriously. He loved to be worn in the mei-tai, he never once experienced a stroller and for that I'm glad. Malachi loved his brothers face and touch. He loved full body kisses, but I think Mommy loved to give them more. He loved to sleep next to mommy. He loved loved and I swear he saw and spoke with Jesus and his Angels daily. He had more cloth diapers than we knew what to do with. He could care less about his outfits. Malachi was effective at communicating his needs, if mommy or daddy didn't know already know what is was. Malachi was my heart; Malachi was a miracle.